This intelligent clock shows the time in magnetic fields

This intelligent clock shows the time in magnetic fields

Arduino GroupDecember twenty first, 2022

You’ve in all probability seen movies of individuals shifting magnets close to iron mud, which leads to the mud aligning itself to the patterns created by the magnetic fields. Magnetic viewing movie works the identical means, however with the mud in an oil suspension sitting within the hole between two sheets of clear plastic. By shifting that movie over magnets, one can see the magnetic fields virtually like they’re on an LCD panel. Moritz v. Sivers took benefit of that truth to build a clock that displays the time on magnetic viewing film.

Sivers did this by placing a small sheet of magnetic viewing movie in a 3D-printed body over 4 wheels. They organized numbers across the circumference of these 4 wheels, a bit like an analog clock face. The numbers are manufactured from magnetic foil, so their magnetic fields seem on the viewing movie because the wheels rotate. 4 containers stenciled onto the viewing movie point out which numbers make up the present time, so studying this magnet clock is as straightforward as any digital clock.

Every of the 4 wheels has its personal pancake-style stepper motor. An Arduino Uno board controls these motors by way of a CNC Protect outfitted with stepper drivers. The Arduino retains monitor of the present time utilizing a DS3231 real-time clock (RTC) module. For now, the person should manually set the zero place of every wheel every time they flip the clock on, however Sivers plans so as to add Corridor-effect sensors quickly to automate that course of. The numbers are a bit faint because of the weak magnetic fields produced by the foil, however are nonetheless fully readable.

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