Robotic: Write Me an Article on Instructing with Google Slides

I like me some disruptive expertise. There’s no level in beating our chest about how expertise x has made y out of date. The enterprise world cannot ignore disruptive expertise or they are going to exit of enterprise. As educators we’re within the enterprise of getting ready college students for THEIR future. The longer term for college students contains AI (Synthetic Intelligence). It contains wanting issues up on Google and YouTube. Photomath just isn’t dishonest, that is merely forcing a brand new technique to strategy math. The brand new factor to freak-out about in training is ChatGPT. Ask it to put in writing you just about something. An essay, code, a recipe… something you need!

Attempt Out ChatGPT

I Requested ChatGPT to Write This Article

I like to weblog, however can ChatGPT change me? I requested ChatGPT:

Write an Article on Instructing with Google Slides

Instructing with Google Slides is a well-liked and efficient means for educators to have interaction and encourage their college students. With this versatile instrument, academics can create interactive and multimedia-rich shows that may be simply shared and accessed by college students on any machine with an web connection.

One of many key advantages of utilizing Google Slides for educating is its collaboration options. Academics can share a presentation with their college students and permit them so as to add their very own feedback, options, and even edit the slides in real-time. This permits for a extra interactive and interesting studying expertise, as college students can actively take part within the creation of the presentation.

Along with collaboration, Google Slides additionally presents a variety of instruments and options that may improve a presentation. Academics can add photographs, movies, and different multimedia components to make the presentation extra partaking and interactive. They’ll additionally use the drawing and diagramming instruments to create diagrams, thoughts maps, and different visible aids to assist college students perceive complicated ideas.

One other benefit of utilizing Google Slides for educating is that it’s simple to combine with different Google instruments and purposes. For instance, academics can use Google Kinds to create surveys and quizzes that may be embedded straight into the presentation. This permits for real-time evaluation and suggestions, which can be utilized to regulate the presentation and tailor it to the wants of the scholars.

General, educating with Google Slides is a strong and efficient means for educators to have interaction and encourage their college students. By utilizing the collaboration and multimedia options of this instrument, academics can create interactive and dynamic shows that may assist college students study and retain data extra successfully.


Attempt Once more – Identical Query

Google Slides is a strong instrument for academics to create partaking and interactive shows. With its user-friendly interface, academics can simply create and edit slides, add multimedia, and collaborate with colleagues and college students.

One of many key advantages of utilizing Google Slides for educating is the flexibility to collaborate in real-time. Academics can share their slides with college students and permit them so as to add their very own content material, making the training expertise extra interactive and interesting. This additionally permits academics to see how their college students are progressing in real-time and supply suggestions and steerage.

Google Slides additionally permits academics to include multimedia into their shows, akin to movies, photographs, and audio information. This might help to make the content material extra partaking and interactive for college students. For instance, a instructor can add a video to a slide to indicate a real-world instance of an idea being mentioned.

One other good thing about utilizing Google Slides for educating is the flexibility to entry and edit slides from any machine. Because of this academics and college students can entry and edit their slides from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, making it simple to collaborate and work on tasks from anyplace.

Google Slides additionally has a wealth of options and instruments that may assist academics create professional-looking shows. For instance, academics can use the built-in templates and themes to rapidly create a visually interesting presentation. They’ll additionally use the varied formatting choices, akin to font kinds and colours, to make their slides stand out.

In conclusion, Google Slides is a useful instrument for academics to create partaking and interactive shows. With its capability to collaborate in real-time, incorporate multimedia, and entry from any machine, Google Slides might help academics to create partaking and efficient studying experiences for his or her college students.


This says loads of nothing!

Analyze over Memorize

ChatGPT slapped a bunch of info collectively in what’s a fairly fundamental article. It lacks particulars and examples that may really be useful. For those who have been on the lookout for the way to train with Google Slides would this text remodel your educating?

The essay has not died. Training just isn’t over.

What has died is the reliance on students memorizing things and calling it education.

I take advantage of Duolingo to study Spanish. Does this imply Spanish academics are out of date? YES if the one factor a instructor does is asks youngsters to memorize verb conjugations. There are 5 million totally different math web sites/purposes that may inform college students the way to remedy the quadratic method and allow them to apply the talent. Does this imply that math academics are out of date? YES YES YES if that’s all math academics expect of their college students… to crank out a solution.

Either education shifts to valuing creativity and critical thinking or we will all be out of a job.

ChatGPT is My New Sidekick

I code. I requested ChatGPT to put in writing me Google Apps Script for creating Google Slides. This actually is one line of code

perform makeSlides()SlidesApp.create(‘Google Slides’);

-coded by Alice Keeler

Nevertheless, ChatGPT took it additional.

I copied and pasted the output from ChatGPT and it had an error.

Cool. Now I can use vital pondering to ANALYZE THE MISTAKE.

I regarded in my Google Drive. It DID create a Google Slides presentation. Now… to FIGURE OUT why it didn’t add a slide.

I’m STRUGGLING to determine the error. Despite the fact that I let ChatGPT get me began… it’s difficult to adapt and modify it. Whereas I’m analyzing what’s fallacious with the code I’m studying some new issues, so win! For no matter I’m doing I feel I’ll preserve ChatGPT open in one other tab and let it assist me GET STARTED!

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Improvement

You possibly can solely get your self to this point and then you definitely want somebody that will help you go additional. I’ve lengthy stated that is the position of the instructor. Not primarily for educating college students what they’ll do for themselves, however taking what they have been in a position to do and taking it additional.

Submit Your Draft

How can we assist college students GO FURTHER? Perhaps they begin with ChatGPT. Then analyze and modify the output. Now, how can we give them actionable suggestions to go even additional in creativity and demanding pondering?

As an alternative of “flip in your work” contemplate “flip in you draft.”

Let Robots be Robots

We don’t want youngsters to compete with calculators.

We don’t want college students to compete with ChatGPT.

We don’t must grade low vital pondering duties. If a robotic can ship the content material. If a robotic can grade it. THE ROBOT SHOULD ABSOLUTELY DO THAT! Release your time as a instructor to assist college students be extra artistic. Release your time to do the time consuming work of educating college students to be a vital thinker.

Most significantly, we have to train college students media literacy.

Now greater than ever, false and deliberately deceptive data is everywhere in the web. If we select to do something in our faculties I hope that MEDIA LITERACY is our prime precedence. College students critically analyzing what robots, and nefarious characters, have placed on social media, in weblog posts, YouTube movies, and in information articles.

I Tweeted That ChatGPT was Making My Weblog Publish At the moment

Check out my Tweet however extra importantly the REPLIES! Particularly Donnie Piercey (see under) he’s a hoot!

Donnie Piercey Tweets Again

Some Educators Sharing What They Requested ChatGPT to Do

What I’ve realized by seeing what different educators are asking ChatGPT to reply is … they’re far more artistic than me!! ha!

My husband is an English instructor and here’s what he requested ChatGPT