ChatGPT Trainer Suggestions Half 2: Quizzes and Checks

Publish by Tom Daccord

[INTRO: A recent national report by the Watson Foundation found that teachers are using ChatGPT more than students and are using it to create new lesson ideas. To help out all of our teacher friends, we are offering a series of posts focused on practical ways that you can use ChatGPT to assist with own lesson design! (Check out our first tip here!) Each post will focus on a practical  strategy for using ChatGPT and will include ideas for both elementary and secondary school teachers. Here is the second part of our series:]

Trainer Tip #2 Quizzes and Checks

Why quizzes and checks?

ChatGPT is especially helpful in constructing quizzes and checks for standardized content material and it may additionally save academics a lot time. And in-class quizzes and checks are particularly helpful now since ChatGPT can full many take-home assignments being tasked to college students. 

Easy methods to use ChatGPT for Quizzes and Checks

First, it’s necessary to offer context in your immediate(s) in order that ChatGPT can assemble questions which are applicable for the extent and talents of your college students. So, take into consideration whether or not any of the next info can be helpful in setting up a immediate for ChatGPT:

  • What’s the grade degree of your college students? What’s the age of your college students? 
  • What’s the identify of the course being examined? Are college students taking a standardized course, corresponding to Algebra II or AP English Literature? 
  • Is there some other info or context that may assist ChatGPT immediate applicable questions on your quiz or take a look at? 

Second, add any particular content material you wish to use as the idea of a quiz or take a look at. For instance, in case you are testing their understanding of data in a handout, add that handout to ChatGPT.  Notice you can additionally add a podcast, lecture, or YouTube video transcript to ChatGPT. 

In the event you do add content material, take into account that in case you are utilizing the subscription-based ChatGPT-4 (GPT model 4.0) you’ll be able to add as much as 25,000 phrases of content material. However in case you are utilizing the free model of ChatGPT-3.5 (GPT model 3.5) you’re restricted to about 3000 phrases of content material. 

Moreover, in case you are utilizing ChatGPT-4 you’ll be able to add photographs and ChatGPT can give you detailed descriptions of the pictures. However in case you are utilizing the free model of ChatGPT (GPT model 3.5) you’ll be able to solely add textual content.

ChatGPT is ready to present quiz and examination questions for a standardized course, corresponding to Algebra II and AP American Historical past, so you don’t want to add content material for these courses

Third, take into consideration the sorts of questions ChatGPT can embody in your quiz or examination: 

  1. A number of-choice questions
  2. Flashcard set
  3. True or false questions
  4. Fill-in-the-blank questions
  5. Brief reply questions
  6. Matching questions
  7. Essay questions
  8. Drawback-solving questions: These questions require college students to use information and expertise to unravel an issue or reply a query.
  9. Diagram or picture-based questions: These questions require college students to interpret and analyze a diagram or image.
  10. Interactive questions: These questions require college students to work together with digital media, corresponding to movies or animations, to reply a query.
    1. For instance: Watch an animated story and select the right sequence of occasions from a listing of choices. (major college college students)
    2. Watch a simulation of a chemical response and reply questions concerning the merchandise and reactants concerned. (secondary college college students)

B. Producing Quiz or Check Questions

As talked about above, ChatGPT is ready to present quiz and examination questions for a standardized course, corresponding to Geometry I or AST Topic Checks. However, with much less standardized content material, you’ll have to undertake some cautious “immediate engineering” to reach at questions applicable on your college students.

Listed below are three examples of quiz or take a look at questions ChatGPT can formulate for a standardized course, Geometry I:

  1. A number of-choice query:

In a right-angled triangle, which of the next trigonometric ratios represents the ratio of the size of the aspect reverse the suitable angle to the size of the hypotenuse?

A. Sine

B. Cosine

C. Tangent

  1. True/false query:

True or False: All of the angles in an equilateral triangle measure 60 levels.

  1. Open-ended query:

Given a rectangle with a size of 12 cm and a width of 5 cm, calculate the world and the perimeter of the rectangle.

Subsequent, right here is an try and engineer a immediate to supply a third grade quiz on plants:

 “I’m educating a category of Third grade college students who’re finding out plants. They’re studying the significance of soil in plants and are required to know the next phrases: Humus, Vitamins, Sand, Silt, Clay, Soil, and Topsoil. Formulate a quiz of 10 questions applicable for Third grade college students that embody: multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and short-answer questions. Additionally, embody one problem-solving query.”

  • Notice: If you’re utilizing ChatGPT-4 you may embody a diagram-based query.

So, here’s a pattern of the questions ChatGPT supplied:

  1. True/false query:

Vitamins within the soil are important for crops to develop and develop.

  1. Fill-in-the-blank query:

The three predominant sorts of soil particles are ____, ____, and ____.

  1. Brief-answer query:

How does humus assist crops develop?

  1. A number of-choice query:

Which soil particle has the smallest dimension?

A. Sand

B. Silt

C. Clay

  1. Drawback-solving: If a plant wants vitamins to develop, however the soil it’s planted in doesn’t have sufficient vitamins, what are you able to do to assist the plant develop?

Does the language above appear applicable for a Third-grade class? Herein lies the problem; it may take some effort to generate applicable questions for a selected studying degree. It may be achieved, however it might take a while to finally craft an efficient immediate.

Bear in mind, ChatGPT might not at all times reply precisely as you count on. Nevertheless, with a little bit of creativity and efficient prompts, ChatGPT is usually a helpful and fascinating software for creating quizzes and exams on your college students.

–by Tom Daccord, with assist from ChatGPT 

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